Rohingya and its Language

Rohingya are ethnic people of Arakan State, Myanmar who have been staying in Arakan since 3000 years ago. There are two major ethnic groups in Arakan, Rohingya and Rakhine. Rohingya mainly live in northen part of Arakan though previously many have lived every where. This is because of military pushing Muslims to the north by force since a century ago.

The situation of Arakan today is very horrible for muslims simply because military wants to destabilize Arakan State and kill many Rohingya Muslims for the interest of keeping their power for long time.

Though it seems the country is moving towards democracy but in fact it is moving to otherway around. Any democratic efforts by the public seems fruitless due to the fact that military is now in great power financially and in arms strength to keep the country in great danger.

Author: EM Siddique

Founder of Rohingya Language Foundation

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